How will i feel after the surgery
When can I expect complete recovery?
You will have good and bad days. For us, the day of surgery is “day zero”. The next day after the procedure is “first postoperative day”. On the first and second postoperative day, the patient is usually feeling well. Second to fifth postoperative day, a small number of patients may feel helpless, depressed, nervous, even aggressive.You may experience different feelings that may appear due to lack of sleep, blood count issues, constant activity in your room, hospital environment with its structured routine, physical dysfunction and unknown faces. You can experience a period of bad mood, commonly occurring within the first few weeks after the operation.
It is normal to have focus and concentration problems in the first week of surgery. As your activity increases and you return to the usual routine, those feelings should disappear and your ability to concentrate should improve.If you often feel uneasy and have trouble sleeping at night, your doctor will prescribe pain and sleep promoting medication. You should ask your nurses for medication whenever you feel the need for it. We do not give them out routinely unless you ask for it. When can I expect complete recovery? Everyone increases the level of activity at a different rate.
Some days will look better than others. Every week, you need to increase strength and activity. You cannot achieve this without regular exercise.At first you should dress, take care of your personal hygiene, read, write, walk and rest. Follow the exercise routine given by your physiotherapist. Avoid sleeping during the day.If you spend too much time sleeping during the day, you will not be able to sleep at night. This can be the cause of sleepless nights and tired days. Most people return to their usual routine about 2 months after the surgery.